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Since 1978, we have been dedicated to fashion and textile design. We have top of the line industrial facilities dedicated to the production of outmost quality attire for women, men and children. Our Lead Designed is Maria Cecilia Mercado.


Through decades of experience, we have established ourselves at Ornella Franchi as a top quality, exclusive clothing brand. We pride ourselves in our commitment to producing innovative and creative designs.


To date, we boast over 600 clients from all over the world such as Arturo Calle, Carlos Nieto, Pascal´s, Vivara, Domenico and Shetland. We ship to countries all over the world including Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States.


Starting in 1999, we have dedicated ourselves to the design and production of company uniforms and corporate business attire. Some our clients are: Avianca Airlines, Deprisa, Coopava, Servicopava, Thomas Greg & Sons, Technical Americanas of Study Group Jom, Government Agencies, Aerorepublic Airlines, Colombia’s National Bank, Profamilia, Geodesika, Toyota, Sura Insurance, Toyomotor, Integra, Ophthalmology Clinic and several private schools in the Bogotá area.


We distribute our products under two distinct labels. TESSUTO is primarily dedicated to producing and commercializing ready to wear fashion to department stores such as Cafam, Casa Estrella, El Exito, El Ley and Casa Grajales. LABORO manages the production and sale of corporate uniforms for work personnel.


 OrnellaFranchi Internacional Experience MISSION


We strive to constantly innovate and improve our production so as to exceed our client´s needs and deliver our products in record time. We provide the best costumer care in Colombia providing a complete service throughout the entire design, production and delivery process.


We provide corporate uniforms, business attire, fashion design and corporate branding to meet the highest quality standards.


OrnellaFranchi Internacional Experience AWARDS AND HONOR


Our brand MCM Ltda, under the leadership of our Chief Designer Maria Cecilia Mercado, has won numerous awards and accolades for the quality of our manufacturing process and our proven experience as fashion and textile designers.



• The International Trophy for Quality (Miami, 1988).

• Ibero American Trophy for Best Brand Image (Spain 1988).

• 3rd Gold Medal for International Quality Textiles and Garments (Paris 1989).

• 1st Place (out 180 participants) International Design Competition with Dralon (Bayer 1990).


Our designs have also been praised in several national and international publications such as Vanity, Vogue and Carousel and in other media outlets such as El Tiempo and El Espectador news papers and television stations.



OrnellaFranchi Internacional Experience VISION


Lead the Colombian manufacturing market of corporate uniforms, business attire and corporate branding including the design of spaces that compliment our client´s business identity.

Consistently exceed international quality standards and maintain agility in adopting and implementing new trends and technologies.

Trail blaze the national and regional market with innovative products that allow us to offer a complete line of services in corporate branding.




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